5 Gallon Sampson Stacker – Natural or White




  • PORTABLE: Drums are great but you can’t take them with you. Compact storage in handy 5-gallon units. Garage to pickup to kitchen counter to campsite, your emergency water is now a portable resource.
  • STACKABLE: Geometry on the top of each container aligns with contours on the bottom for convenient stacking. Each container is approximately 11.25″ x 10″ x 14.25″ tall with the top approximately 1/4″ engaging with the bottom of a stacked container.
  • SAFE: High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) is a preferred polymer. HDPE is not a candidate for BPA, a reassurance for those of use requiring BPA free containers. The industry term is “BPA non-intent”. The resin is USA sourced and FDA compliant. …that means ‘food grade’ to the rest of us.
  • ACCESSORIES: Your Samson Stackers will come with a factory installed dust plug that can be discarded when ready to use. Each container also includes a gasketed cap. The reusable caps also have a tamper evidencing lock ring that will break away after first use. The caps are center threaded 3/4″ NPT with a membrane that can be cut away for use with a spigot.
  • PROVEN: These are industrial grade containers used by manufacturers and packagers to ship a variety of materials and food products. The reputable Samson Stackers are Made in the USA by API/Kirk. 
  • Natural or White are available colors.


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