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I am sure you have been asked or seen this phrase many times! All my life I have used this statement or heard it. When I was preparing to do a project, I always asked myself this question. Do I have the tools to do this? Most of the time I did not prepare properly and found I would need to go find this or that tool because I did not plan properly.
My Mom would ask me this when I was going outside to play! Where is your coat? I hated going out with a coat on. It was always so bulky and got in the way when playing! But it sure was nice to have after I was done and walking home!
So, my question to you is are you prepared for what life can throw at you in ways of disasters? Do you have a 72-hour kit? I do only because my church group put a demonstration together to teach about them. If someone did not have the forethought to do this, I would not have one. So now I am ready, I think! I am probably never going to need it and sometimes when I look at it, I think “that was a waste of time”! Only after the fires in California I now think what if it were here! The people I saw on interviews after the fires said they had no clothing, water or food for the time they needed to be gone from their homes.
The 72-hour kit is a little miracle in itself. is a very good site for you to use to prepare your kits. The site presents a sensible 16 week build program that the whole family can do together. It is spread out for several reasons! Getting your kids together for a project as big as this could take hours. Kids just don’t have that type of concentration. And the same goes for the parents trying to get the kids to help! You might get this done sooner or it may take longer. The point is you are doing something pro-active and it may save your life. I know if you have that bundle that was a waste of time ready and you needed it, was it really a waste of time?


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